3 Advantages of Betting Big on the Flop


Over the last 15 years, No Limit Hold’em has gone through a drastic transformation. So much has changed about the way people play and think about the game that it’s hard to even know where to begin.   But what stands out most in my mind is how different c-bet sizing strategies were used in […]

How to Play Queen-Ten Suited in Cash Games


Queen-Ten suited is one of those strong and silent types of poker hands. It’s not a premium Rolls Royce like Pocket Aces. Instead, it’s more of a Volvo: fast, reliable, and safe. Nothing wrong with that in my book!   In this article, you will learn the following:   How to Play Queen-Ten Suited Preflop […]

3 Spots to Use Tiny Bet Sizes in Cash Games


The best poker players in the world have a seemingly unlimited amount of weapons in their arsenal. One of those weapons is the tiny bet size (about 10-20% of the pot). When used in the right situations, tiny bets can be an incredibly efficient way to deny equity, leverage your range advantage, and narrow your […]

How to play the Medium Pair Gamek after calling 3-Bet


It’s the middle bag gamek pair? When poker players talk about middle pocket pairs, they are most likely referring to Pocket Tens to Pocket Sixes. That said, “average” can mean different things to different people, so it could be more like Pocket Nines to Fives depending on who you’re talking to. These hands are often […]

What is a block bet and when should you do it?


What is a block gamek bet? A stop bet is a relatively small bet (20-40% of the stake) made by a player with no position. The most common goal of block bets is to prevent your opponent from placing a bigger bet when given a gamek. By the way, some people call them blocking bets. […]

How to play Pocket Sixes in gamek . cash game

gamek pocket six

Let’s talk about Pocket Sixes! Medium pairs, such as six, are solid starting hands that are often worth playing pre-flop. But most of the time, the flop will have at least one pass. To help you avoid getting lost with them before and after a setback, I wrote this article to make playing Pocket Sixes […]

Poker Cheat Sheet


Your downloadable poker cheat sheet Our poker cheat sheet is perfect for new players who have a solid grasp on the rules of poker and some experience playing the game but can’t yet win consistently. These strategies are used daily even by our high stakes Team Pros as well – that’s why we know they’re so […]

Poker Hand Rankings


All Hands from highest to lowest & Top 10 Texas Holdem hands What are good poker hands to play and how are they ranked? To answer these questions, we have put up our poker hand rankings table for you to find out all poker hands ranked from the best to the worst. Understanding the strength of poker […]

How Do You Start Playing Poker?


Tools Needed To Start Playing Online Poker Getting started with online poker is easy, all you really need is a smartphone, tablet, PC or a laptop with an internet connection. Next, you need to create an account on a reliable online poker website. There are a plethora of Android/iOS poker apps and websites. If you […]

Why is texas holdem the most popular poker variant


Brand RecognitionThe most obvious reason why Texas Holdem is the most popular poker variant is that it is the main form of poker you will see. Success breeds success! When comparing Texas Holdem vs poker variants, the choice is obvious for numerous players. Most people start out playing Five Card Draw as kids, but if […]