How Do You Start Playing Poker?


Tools Needed To Start Playing Online Poker

Getting started with online poker is easy, all you really need is a smartphone, tablet, PC or a laptop with an internet connection. Next, you need to create an account on a reliable online poker website. There are a plethora of Android/iOS poker apps and websites.

If you feel overwhelmed by the n number of online poker rooms out there; don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Our experts have chosen the best online poker rooms as well as negotiated the best deals just for you!

You can either download and install the poker app/software or just ‘Instant Play’ on their website without any downloads.

How Much Money Do I Need to Start Playing Poker Online?

In the beginning, you don’t necessarily need to deposit money. You can start by playing free ‘play money’ games or freerolls (free entry tournaments which have real cash prizes) on most online poker sites. Once you’re familiar with the poker software and have had some experience playing poker, you can make an initial deposit ranging from INR 1000 – INR 5000 or an amount which suits your budget.

The key is not to play big games and lose all of your deposit in one session. Bankroll management is of utmost importance. To learn more about what stakes you should play with a specific amount of money, read our Bankroll Management article here.

As you gain more experience and advance in your poker journey, you can try playing higher stakes. Normally, stakes range from INR 1/2 to INR 500/1000 on most Indian websites.

What Types Of Poker Games Can I Play Online?

There are numerous poker variants you can play online but not all sites offer all variations. Universally, Texas No-limit Hold’em (NLH) is the most popular poker game and is available on all sites. NLH is a simple game to learn but very difficult to master. We recommend that you start with NLH and later move on to other variants. In case  you haven’t played poker before, you can check Texas Hold’Em poker rules here.

NLH itself has many formats, from standard cash games and tournaments to turbo and jackpot Sit-and-Gos to speed poker and much more. If this sounds gibberish right now;

Other popular poker variations you can play online are: