Special Offers

The warmest welcome online with unbeatable offers for new and existing players

Venture Fund

Reward Amount 250,000

Welcome Gift

Welcome first deposit gift,
100% no amount limit

Invite Friends Double Gift

Wait for you

Supreme King 7day-signing

7 Day Sign-In Award

After new players bind their mobile phones. They can sign in 7 times and turn more cards to win grand prizes

New Player Start-up fund

New players contact customer service to bind personal details to get an additional 25,000 gold reward

Supreme King super-vip

Super VIP Highest Rebate 1.2%

Receive Daily, Unlimited

Supreme King turntable-win

Turntable Win

A Single recharge of 100k coins 1 chance to win a lucky draw

Bank Bonuses 10%

Deposit in the bank to get extra coin interest. Annualized interest rate up to 10%


Sweet gift