Poker Cheat Sheet


Your downloadable poker cheat sheet

Our poker cheat sheet is perfect for new players who have a solid grasp on the rules of poker and some experience playing the game but can’t yet win consistently. These strategies are used daily even by our high stakes Team Pros as well – that’s why we know they’re so effective! We’ve included additional sections of different areas of Texas Holdem for advanced players on top of this poker cheat sheet. This completes the basic information, like the best starting hands and poker hand rankings, found in the cheat sheet. So, make sure to read our whole article if you already have some experience on your belt!

We recommend you to either bookmark or print both the cheat sheet and the advanced tips so that you have everything available to apply those while you play. It’s definitely going to require some patience on your part, as you can’t master poker overnight even with the best poker coach or training materials in the world. By applying this information consistently at the tables you will soon become a poker beast at the stakes you play!

All these elements are explained in great detail in this post. This way you not only know what to do at the tables but also why you should do those things. Great players are always looking for the why’s behind every play. Asking the right questions is key to making better poker decisions.

If you’re looking for starting hands charts, we have created for you a downloadable starting hands cheat sheet.

How to play with the best bonuses

Many players underestimate the long-term effect that poker rakeback and bonuses have on their profits. Don’t be one of those players – instead, always look for the best deposit bonuses and rakeback offers that you can find. When you have a losing month, any extra cashback you get by playing can help you to recover your bankroll faster.

How can you find the best bonuses to play with? One way is to regularly check our guide to online poker bonuses produced by our experts here at Beasts Of Poker. There you can find the latest info on deposit bonuses, rakeback offers and ongoing promotions on different poker rooms. This way you don’t miss any juicy promotions that could bring massive profits in your pockets!

How to find and play in soft games

There’s a saying that all poker players know but many fail to remember in the heat of the battle: If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, then you are the sucker! This wisdom from the movie Rounders should be taken into an extreme length when deciding where to play. Even if you’re playing against slightly worse players than yourself, the rake might eat all your winnings in Texas Holdem or Pot-Limit Omaha. For best results, you should look for games that are way softer than the average game at your typical stakes.

Recognizing a soft game is pretty easy, but finding one can be difficult. How should you go about it? The first step is to open accounts on as many trustworthy online poker sites as you can find. The second step is to keep many lobbies of different poker clients open. This way you can scan the lobbies during your poker sessions and grab a seat at new tables that look juicy.