Responsible Gaming

Gambling is an amusing way of spending time, and it can be very entertaining, but we would like to encourage Players who feel their gambling is becoming problematic.

Gambling is entertaining only

To utilise the tools available on the site and to reach out for help, especially if you are experiencing financial difficulties due to excessive gambling.


Should that be the case, we strongly advise you to immediately cease any gambling activities and seek professional help. There are a number of organizations available to help compulsive gamblers, including Gambling Therapy, Gamblers Anonymous, and Gam-Anon.


Any Player can request to be temporarily or permanently self-excluded by contacting Customer Service at Any request to increase the period of self-exclusion shall take effect 24 hours upon the request made by the Player, whereas any request to decrease the period of self-exclusion shall take effect 7 days upon the request made by the Player and only at the operator’s discretion.


We reserve the right to enforce a cooling period of up to one year, or a definite closure of accounts with:

• frequent temporary self-exclusion or.

• frequent temporary self-exclusion requests.


The request to unblock an account before the end of its self-exclusion period will be thoroughly scrutinized by our responsible gambling department. It could be approved, but the final determination lies at the sole discretion of the Company.


In the event that a Player succeeds in opening a new account using false data or via any deceitful means during a self-exclusion period, the liability for any losses incurred by this Player as a result of opening this new account will fall on the Player and not on us.


Any request to withdraw the remaining balance standing in the Player’s favor (excluding any bonus funds) should be submitted prior to any self-exclusion and cannot be validated during the self-exclusion period.


In case of definite self-exclusion or account closures following responsible gambling issues, the remaining balance standing in customers’ favor (excluding any bonus funds) will be only eligible to withdraw up till the value of the deposit from which the winnings constituting this balance have derived.

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