What is Dealer? How to become a Casino Dealer?


What is a dealer has different meanings in each field. However, this phrase most often appears in casinos, poker, online baccarat, playing cards, gambling games, etc.


They take on important tasks in each game, supporting players and helping the game go faster and more smoothly.

What is a dealer in a casino?

Dealer in the casino is the person who deals cards, supports players and does some other work depending on the regulations of each house. They are also known as dealer agents.


This team will collect bets from players and monitor them, whenever there is any suspicious sign, they will take immediate action to stop it.


These people perform gambling game supervision. With slot machine games, staff guides members and pays out winnings at the end of the round.


This is also a job that brings an extremely attractive source of income, well paid by the bookies. In addition, this profession also receives great tips from customers who win bets.


For this reason, the job as a casino dealer also has to go through a lot of selection stages.
A recruitment drive has a lot of applications, but in the end only a few people are selected.

What do casino dealers do?

The dealer’s main responsibilities include the following tasks:

  • Explain the rules of the game, the rules on the betting table to the players.
  • Deal the cards, drop the roulette ball, let the players throw the dice.
  • Collect money from the members participating in the table, divide the winnings among the winners.
  • Protect the betting table to prevent theft.
  • Support when there is a machine breakdown situation.
  • Observe suspicious behavior and report it to security promptly.
  • Communicate with players, create a fun and comfortable atmosphere.