Warning: Kingdom of Slots – explode the jar for real, get real money


The Kingdom of Slots was born at the end of 2018, is one of the game portals that have been operating for a long time in the online game market today. With attractive content, eye-catching interface, the game portal has given players an extremely attractive experience of exploding jars.

Game store in the Kingdom of Slots

The games that players can conquer in the Slots Kingdom include Exploding Pots and Mini games.

Exploding jars
  • God’s Hat Exploding Game
  • Dragon Palace Explosion Game
  • Exploding the Three Kingdoms Hat Game
  • Exploding Jars Journey to the West Game
  • Exploding Water Hut Game
  • Sic Bo game

Mini games

Mini games on the Kingdom of Slots

  • Minigame Phuc Loc
  • Poker Minigames
  • Minigame Big and Small
  • Minigame High Low
  • Minigame Kungfu Panda

Promotions in the Kingdom of Slots

The game portal is increasingly attractive to players thanks to super policies and promotions.

  • Give giftcode to players of facebook mini game or chat at Telegram door
  • Offer 2 times the value of the top-up card for the first top-up
  • Regularly organize Offline events to connect players in the Kingdom of Slots

Tips for exploding jars at Supreme King

Exploding jar game is a type of slot game to exchange rewards at the Supreme King game system. Players will spin the jar and if they are lucky enough to get the Jackpot (explode the jar), the entire amount in the bonus fund will belong to them. Here are a few small tips to help players quickly explode the pot to increase their accumulated amount.

  • Know the rules of the game, do not rush to bet
  • Before playing, you should learn carefully about features such as quick spin, automatic spin to save time and increase the possibility of winning
  • Calculate and choose the appropriate time to shoot the jar (should shoot when there are no people)