Vietnam slot blWhat is a slot machine? Types of slot machines that must be known when entering the casino


Slot machines are familiar entertainment equipment of the elite at the most prestigious online casinos.

Although other online and table games have been developed to date, playing games with this type of machine still attracts a lot of participants.


The information shared about the origin, gameplay and history of this device will help you understand why it is so popular.

What is a slot machine?

Slot machine is also known as fruit slot machine, English name is Slot machine. This type of machine has a large size, is placed vertically and contains many games called slot games.

The design of the device is rectangular, above is the game display screen, there is a surface containing buttons and below is the slot – slot.


The games included in the machine before were mainly fruit symbols on the reels.

Later, the developers created many new games to diversify options for players.

The game layout on the screen of the slot machine is mainly scroll bars containing symbols.

Usually the number is 3, some games increase to 5 bars to increase the attractiveness.


With modern games, this number can increase to 100 bars with high difficulty.

Nowadays, when you come to any casino you will see this device. 70% of the revenue at casinos in the United States comes from the games on the machine.

The bet level is quite low, the win rate is high, so many enthusiasts can’t stop.
Origin and development history of slot machines
The first person to invent a true slot machine was Sittman and his companion Pitt.

In 1891, two people created a device with five drawers, which could hold 50 cards.


After testing and using it very well, it became popular at many New York bars.


Playing with this device is extremely simple. The participant drops a Nickel and then pulls the rod, the reels and the corresponding card are kept.


The reward will be free glasses of beer, cigars, cocktails.

Some places also apply many other extra prizes to attract participants.

Later, the demand for fast cash payments of the “first generation bettors” increased.

Many people looked for ways to improve the machine, including Charles Fey.

Between 1887 and 1895, he built a device with three automatic reels.

The symbols available on these newer slot machines are more diverse, not just fruit.

Unfortunately, gambling was banned in San Francisco, California after that, so he could not continue to develop.


Another unit named Herbert Mills copied Charles Fey’s technique and developed a more modern machine called the Operator Bell in 1908.


Since then there have been many new variations of this device that are suitable for each region.


Each casino owns hundreds of machines to serve the needs of players.