Bet Types in Poker


Understanding the fundamental types of bets in Poker is key to successful offline and online poker players. Indeed, every single bet that happens around a poker table is generally done for a specific reason – scare opponents, entice them to raise, show strength, and so on! The psychology of poker is very much present in its betting patterns. When […]

Poker Decisions and Guessing


When it comes to poker, I’ve often written that knowledge is power and guessers are losers – and while I do adhere to those two dictums, let’s face it … sometimes you have to guess. Does that make you a loser? Gosh I hope not as I find myself being forced to guess on a […]

There’s No Such Thing as Luck at Poker Table


Do not bother to read this if you are a hardhead, but there is no such thing as luck. You can dwell on semantics and definitions but this article will not get technical. It will simply prove; there is no such thing as luck. Oh, there are fluctuations and variances, but this is a normal part […]

How Many of These Poker Mistakes Are You Guilty Of?


Any poker player that claims they never make a mistake is a liar. Even elite professionals do, on occasion, make an error in their decision-making. Mistakes are part and parcel of the game because No-Limit Hold’em is a game played with incomplete information, plus poker players are only human. The WPT Global Blog has published […]

Top 10 Tips For Winning At Online Poker


You were the master of poker at your regular home game. You did fairly well at the local casino. But when it comes to the art of online poker, you just can’t capture the same magic. Saddened you head back to your home game and beat it, return to the casino and dominate, re-open your […]