Best Poker Chips: Top Poker Chip Sets for Home Games


An age-old saying goes like this: “The guy who invented gambling was brilliant, but the guy who invented chips was a genius.” The reason behind this saying is that chips remove from gambling the real world of money. Gamblers tend to have short memories. Once they purchase chips, they quickly forget their real-world value, making […]

Why should I play poker table games online?

poker table

Since it was first introduced twenty years ago, online poker table game has advanced significantly. What was once a niche game played by a small group of players has grown to rank among the most played games worldwide. There were very few websites where you could play poker in the early days of the internet. […]

The 4 Types of Poker Chips You Need to Know

4 types of poker chips

1. Plastic 2. Composite/Clay Chips 3. Ceramic Chips 4.. Metal Chips In poker, the fee of a chip relies upon on the sport or occasion. Values in coins video games are used as a right away representation of cash. Players in a $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em game who purchase in for $300 will acquire that […]