How to play the Medium Pair Gamek after calling 3-Bet


It’s the middle bag gamek pair? When poker players talk about middle pocket pairs, they are most likely referring to Pocket Tens to Pocket Sixes. That said, “average” can mean different things to different people, so it could be more like Pocket Nines to Fives depending on who you’re talking to. These hands are often […]

What is a block bet and when should you do it?


What is a block gamek bet? A stop bet is a relatively small bet (20-40% of the stake) made by a player with no position. The most common goal of block bets is to prevent your opponent from placing a bigger bet when given a gamek. By the way, some people call them blocking bets. […]

How to play Pocket Sixes in gamek . cash game

gamek pocket six

Let’s talk about Pocket Sixes! Medium pairs, such as six, are solid starting hands that are often worth playing pre-flop. But most of the time, the flop will have at least one pass. To help you avoid getting lost with them before and after a setback, I wrote this article to make playing Pocket Sixes […]