Died of online gambling – Hidden corner of online casino


Dying from online gambling seems to be just a joke of many people.


But in fact, there have been cases where they really lost everything just because of online betting.


Sharing these stories, I just hope I can help those who are addicted to wake up.


Never let black-and-red subject drive your life to the edge of the abyss.

The stories of dying from online casinos are alarming

Daily newspapers still publish many cases of losing money in online betting, leading to serious consequences.


If it’s light, it only takes a few tens of millions of dollars, if it’s heavy, it’s bankrupt, and the body is broken and listed.
Read the stories I share to reflect and draw lessons for yourself.


Suffering from depression for the rest of her life that cannot be cured
Mr. H.Q (49 years old, Hanoi) in one play all hands lost the amount of money 4 billion saved during more than 20 years of working.


Before that, he was very confident that he could win because he had carefully examined the odds.


But he did not know that the house he chose to cheat, lured him to bet and then settled the results.


Because of the shock, he fell into a state of social isolation and suffered from depression for the rest of his life.


Although his family tried to cure him, they could not pull him out of this online gambling death.


Killed by the gangsters, so he had to leave the country
Borrowing black credit is the way many people choose when they run out of capital to play gambling.

This way is beneficial in the short term because it creates conditions to play more new games.

In the long run, the exorbitant rates they offer are too unreasonable.


Despite seeing this, Mr. T.H (26 years old, Quang Binh) still chose to borrow. Because he believes that just one win is enough to pay off immediately, not much interest.


In the end, he lost and carried a debt of 5 billion VND on his back. As a worker with a salary of three piles and three dong, he was completely unable to pay.


Because of the threat of death, he ran away, leaving his wife and children to suffer daily from the gangsters who came to destroy the house.


Cause of death from online gambling
Betting is an effective form of entertainment, it helps you relax mentally and gain material benefits.

But this is also a double-edged sword when it can change your life suddenly.

Negative consequences will come, typically death from online casinos often occurs for the following reasons: