3 Advantages of Betting Big on the Flop


Over the last 15 years, No Limit Hold’em has gone through a drastic transformation. So much has changed about the way people play and think about the game that it’s hard to even know where to begin.   But what stands out most in my mind is how different c-bet sizing strategies were used in […]

How to Play Queen-Ten Suited in Cash Games


Queen-Ten suited is one of those strong and silent types of poker hands. It’s not a premium Rolls Royce like Pocket Aces. Instead, it’s more of a Volvo: fast, reliable, and safe. Nothing wrong with that in my book!   In this article, you will learn the following:   How to Play Queen-Ten Suited Preflop […]

3 Spots to Use Tiny Bet Sizes in Cash Games


The best poker players in the world have a seemingly unlimited amount of weapons in their arsenal. One of those weapons is the tiny bet size (about 10-20% of the pot). When used in the right situations, tiny bets can be an incredibly efficient way to deny equity, leverage your range advantage, and narrow your […]

What is Dealer? How to become a Casino Dealer?


What is a dealer has different meanings in each field. However, this phrase most often appears in casinos, poker, online baccarat, playing cards, gambling games, etc.   They take on important tasks in each game, supporting players and helping the game go faster and more smoothly. What is a dealer in a casino? Dealer in […]

Died of online gambling – Hidden corner of online casino


Dying from online gambling seems to be just a joke of many people.   But in fact, there have been cases where they really lost everything just because of online betting.   Sharing these stories, I just hope I can help those who are addicted to wake up.   Never let black-and-red subject drive your […]

Slot Machines with Biggest Odds of Winning


Ugga Bugga – 99.07% Playtech takes home the title of offering the highest RTP (return to player) of any slot game with a massive 99.07%, just peeking over the RTPs of the following three slots. This Aztec-themed slot has an interesting format that sees you spinning three reels and holding the one that you think […]

Slots are one of the most famous casino games to play and are loved

slots evolution gamek

Slots are one of the most famous casino games to play and are loved by many, but their progression within the industry is really quite remarkable!   From the days of the Liberty Bell to the recent introduction of virtual reality in Slots, this article will unpack all the advancements. If you wanted to try […]



Money, its big buckets, is what keeps casino patrons playing the BAN CA ONLINE slot machine- that’s the chance to win the jackpot! There’s nothing like winning a big win and seeing your slot machine payouts keep increasing as things on the screen go crazy. In this article, we cover the high payout slots and […]